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A special place on campus Deutz: Your FreiRaum.

The FreiRaum is a warm, cosy place to meet, an oasis of calm and an ideal place to co-work – right in the middle of the rather sober campus Deutz. Here you will find various services offered by KHG and ESG Cologne, as well as social counselling for international students.

Whenever the doors are open, just drop by! The room can also be used by student councils and other groups on arrangement (enquiries to L. Keller). Delicious coffee, tea and cold drinks are available in the bistro and you are also welcome to bring your own drinks.

If (international) students have any questions about studying, our advisor Laura Keller will try to help you. She is on site once a week (Thursday from 9am30-11am30).

She will gladly take time for your concerns outside of these office hours. Just make an appointment with her.