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Welcome to the KHG

The KHG is a place of encounter for all those who study and work at Cologne's universities - regardless of their field of study, type of university or denomination.

With our offer we would like to complement and enrich the time you have available besides studying, learning and working and at the same time create space for the realisation of your own projects, ideas, plans and intentions. Because the KHG lives from the Togetherness of peoplewho shape it.

Get to know each other, discuss, exchange: This is what the KHG wants to support. In the educational program we invite experts to talk with us about current topics; in the spiritual program we exchange views on questions of Christian faith. But also among ourselves we often stay together until late to talk about God and the world. Conviviality is very important to us: Whether we cook together, go to the museum, do sports, travel together or celebrate - we want to make it possible for students from a wide range of disciplines to meet and get to know each other. Our rooms are available to you for this purpose: as a venue for events, but also as a quiet place to write homework, to chat and snack, to work and craft, to make music and meditate.

Of course, we invite you to join in the celebration and participation at our God:Time every Thursday at 6pm. If you want to try out innovative liturgy formats, this is the place to be.

Another big area is our counselling: On the one hand, we advise you on all problems and questions that arise around your studies and university and try to find solutions together. On the other hand, we also have time for you if you simply need someone to talk to in order to get clarity in a life situation that is important to you. Just talk to us or write to us!

Last but not least, we are also there for concerns when it comes to church scholarships and sponsorship for students from all over the world.