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Kizomba is still a relatively new phenomenon in Germany. This dance is a very passionate and sensual, but also 'quiet' and elegant dance with Angolan roots. Musically related to Caribbean Zouk, Kizomba was shaped by both African and European influences and eventually came to Portugal through Angolan migrants. From there, the spark of fascination eventually spread to other countries in Europe. The soulful rhythms, accompanied by Portuguese or Creole lyrics, now trigger an increasingly insatiable urge to move in Germany as well.

"Playfulness" is one of the meanings carried by the word "Kizomba" (borrowed from a Bantu language). This aptly describes the attitude to life associated with this dance. It is not about rigid learning of sequences and figures, but about musicality, creativity and a lot of dance harmony. Kizomba is a dance of subtleties and is excellent for getting a feeling for good leadership and also for letting yourself be led (and enchanted). Trust, relax and find your own rhythm is the motto. However, the addictive potential should not be underestimated...

The contribution for the dance course is 10€ p.p. and must be paid at the first course session.

Registration: At the beginning of the course on site.

Time: Tue, 6pm30 -7pm45

Location: KHG Vatikänchen

Start: Tue, 24th October 2023 (8 dates)