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Hatha Yoga

Over thousands of years, yoga has developed into a system about growth and health. The body-based exercise path of Hatha Yoga, mainly practised in the Western world, developed in Northern India around the 8th century AD. Physical exercises are used for flexibility and strengthening. Breathing exercises give energy and strengthen concentration. Meditative exercises calm the mind and lead to relaxation.

Under Evelyn's guidance, a qualified sports scientist and certified Hatha Yoga teacher, you will gain a "tool" through yoga practice that will support you in your everyday life with clarity and energy and thus enrich your life.

When? Es finden 2 Kurse im SoSe 23 statt zwischen dem 30.01.23 und 26.06.23 immer montags von (1. Kurs) 18h30 – 20h00 und (2. Kurs) 20h15 – 21h45 (insgesamt je 17 Einheiten)

Folgende Termine sind ausgenommen: 20.02. (Rosenmontag), 3.04. + 10.04. (Osterferien), 1.05. (Feiertag), 29.05. (Pfingstmontag)

Where? Meditation room KHG, Berrenrather Str. 127, 50937 Cologne

What do you need? Towel/cloth as a base, blanket, comfortable clothes, thick socks, possibly a small pillow.

Number of participants: max. 12 people per course, participation is free of charge.

Registration for the course is to be done by email via Anna Weigand (see contact attached below) by Monday 3pm at the latest.