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Spiritual offers

Ecumenical retreats in everyday life

"Living Connected"

In the tradition of Ignatius of Loyola, retreats in everyday life want to be a concrete help to consciously combine meditation and prayer with one's own everyday life.

They are looking for a way to draw strength and find a (new) taste for life with God.

No previous experience is necessary, just a little curiosity and the willingness to take time for God and oneself.

Obligatory elements are: A daily time of personal prayer with impulses, a reflection on the day, a weekly group meeting and accompanying discussions for the individual journey of experience.

The offer takes place in cooperation with the communities in Sülz-Klettenberg.

All meetings must be attended::

WED 26.10.2022 I 7pm30 - 9pm
WED 02.11.2022 I 7pm30 - 9pm
WED 09.11.2022 I 7pm30 - 9pm
WED 16.11.2022 I 7pm30 - 9pm
WED 23.11.2022 I 7pm30 - 9pm


Direction: Martin Bartsch, Mentor und retreat team

Costs: 7 €

Registration until 21st October 2022 to Martin Bartsch


Street retreat

"The place where you stand is holy ground."  (Ex 3,5)

Attention is the natural prayer of the soul: to seek the traces of God in the midst of the life of people and things in Cologne and to let oneself be found. The only requirement is to get involved: After a meditative introduction, we go “out into the streets” for three hours in all weathers to get inspired. Afterwards, there is space for sharing and evaluating the experience in small groups. The day ends with a worship celebration.

Mo. 05.12.2022 bis Mi. 07.12.2022 | jeweils 10.00 – 15.00 Uhr

Location Mentorat-KHG-premises

Leitung: Martin Bartsch and Ada v. Lüninck

Anmeldung bis 25.11.2022 an Martin Bartsch