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Alexander Technique

Body awareness in action

By intelligently refraining from exertion, you can enjoy your very own strength, uprightness and mobility: the Alexander Technique is a body-awareness method in which you refine your body awareness and learn how to release a healthy and free coordination of your movement and action with simple self-instructions. Constant companions such as back and neck pain often turn out to be consequences of unfavourable habits in dealing with oneself, which can be discarded.

The course introduces the basics of the Alexander Technique, which are directly tested in everyday activities. Depending on the interest of the participants, they can also be applied in sports, making music, dealing with disabilities or the consequences of injuries, stress, etc.

Please bring comfortable everyday clothes and thick socks.

Mittwochs 18.30 – 20.00 Uhr

Location: Meditation room KHG, Berrenrather Str. 127, 50937 Cologne

The number of participants is limited. Registration is possible via the university sports department at the following Link.

This course will not take place in summer semester 2024. If you are interested, please contact Ada for the winter semester 24/25.


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