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Pyschological Advisor

Crises - whether big or small - are an inevitable part of our lives. In retrospect, these are often the situations that we have grown from or that have given our lives a new direction. But when we are in the middle of a crisis, it tends to feel helpless, overwhelming or hopeless.

With the offer of psychological counselling, I would like to support you in such unsettling situations or phases of life. This can be about very different topics: 

  • You are in an identity crisis
  • You have strong doubts about your self-worth
  • You fall into depressive moods more often
  • You suffer from open or hidden conflicts in your partnership
  • You want to look at family conflicts that are bothering you

All conversations are, of course, treated strictly confidentially. Appointments can be arranged at short notice for Wednesday or Thursday and take place in the KHG premises. Please contact me at my email address below.